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‚Made in Germany‘

Festool - Made in Germany 
We want it to be good, therefore we do it ourselves..

We have been giving our all for the last 85 years to build extraordinary high quality electric tools for our customers and at the same time provide a well thought out, perfectly compatible system solution. This is how we have been able to continually grow over the years. Through innovation and patents and a basic principle, which we have always stood by, “we want it to be good and therefore we do it ourselves.”

This has less to do with a lack of faith in others, rather a belief in our own strengths, such as the abilities of our employees and our domestic suppliers; because in the end, it is not about some cordless drill or a saw, but rather the tools that actually earn the name Festool “Made in Germany”.

The pendulum jigsaw CARVEX PSC 400 achieved the gold price at the iF product design award 2010.
99 ppm – or why the closeness to our partners is so important when it comes to quality.

Of course we could just lean back and refer to one of the toughest quality management guidelines of all: the DIN EN ISO 9001. However, our quality management department, with its 25 employees, set a clearly more ambitious goal: “99ppm = 99 parts per million”. This means the standard behind our production of parts is 99.99 % perfect. This not only applies to our own production, but to our suppliers for components and modules as well.


This is only possible, if all the processes and requirements are closely coordinated in a continual dialogue with all partners involved and a common understanding that the demand for quality remains of the utmost importance. The quality, known as “Made in Germany,” is not a philosophy which is carved in stone, but rather a spirit which flows from us each and every day.

This leads to results, which pay off for our customers: a clearly longer life-span, less maintenance and repair costs or significantly less time of subsequent machining and with that, a higher associated created value per unit.

Festool RO150 infrared
Infrared images show the heat build-up of the machines.
“Made in Germany” – the obligation to function longer and better.

Time and time again, we find Festool machines from our customers, which provide their owners with 30 years of service. This long life cycle is not a coincidence, but the result of less wear, longevity and robustness created by our development team.

To ensure this performance, we run extensive tests.

The toughest tests.

In the dust chamber in the development department, the machines must endure especially fine and aggressive Arizona dust for hours.

A good example would be the Festool dust chamber: a tool must withstand especially fine and aggressive Arizona dust for hours. We also use the so called “shaker,” a test bench which tests mechanical devices by means of vibrations or jolts to find the functional limit of each individual unit tested. A third example is the fall test, where we still expect a perfectly functioning machine after falls from various heights.

By the way, should a tool not pass such tests, it will never be put on the market. Not until we have created a secure foundation for first class quality, the seal “Made in Germany” will not be given.


iF design award 2010 gold 
Design – Made in Germany in its most beautiful form

He who works with a Festool tool should not only notice a perfect work result, but also be able to feel a better result through a superior handling. By means of dialogues between developers, designers and craftsmen, products are created that have the perfect form and function representing the “Made in Germany” seal. This is why we involve our customers in the development process from the very beginning.

The feel of the material used, strength of the grip, the weight, balance and the intuitive operation of the feature switches are all factors which are always retested, questioned and then incorporated into the design. A tedious and intensive process, but: it’s worth it!

From this, we generate sanders, cordless drills and jigsaws which can be easily operated, built to fit ergonomically perfect into the hand and ease the daily work of the worker.

The Festool Production in Neidlingen earned three times the award "factory of the year"
Neidlingen – 1846 inhabitants, 20,000 cherry trees and a factory of the year

In Neidlingen, at the foot of the Swabian Alb, one not only finds the best environment for a relaxing getaway, but also 300 exceptionally dedicated employees. In contrast to the ideal rustic surroundings, they work using the most modern production concepts.

The success is proven by multiple awards:

- 2002: “Best Assembly system”,
- 2005: “Best Production system”,
- 2008: overall winner for consistency and sustainability of the modifications process

- 2009: Three time winner of the factory of the year award.

A key factor for this, among others, was the successful implementation of the lean concept, which is a strict philosophy of constant improvement and a high quality standard.

Awards do not only make us proud but also encourage us to continue to work according to “Made in Germany”-standards. They motivate us to become a little better every day.

For an even more perfect tool and the successful continuation of the success story “Made in Germany”.


Festool GmbH is a member of the European Power Tool Association and the VDMA (Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e.V.).

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