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Our Responsibility to the Environment

Festool - Renaturierung Neidlingen
The Reuterwiesen brook in Neidlingen after the renature process
„Environmentally responsible behavior is an essential part of our philosophy and we continually recognize that this contributes strongly to our long-term company success”, stated in the introduction of our environmental vision.

We are all aware of the current pressing environmental problems: the greenhouse effect, Oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico, more species becoming endangered or depletion of the rain forest. If we do not act faster in protecting our environment and start to promote the protection of our climate, we could be threatened with even worse consequences in the future. Not only do our customers have high expectations regarding environmental awareness, so do we.

This is why we are taking responsibility for our actions and want to be a good role model to lead to way, meaning to directly intervene wherever it is possible – whether with our products or with our actions.

Environmental protection in our view will remain a dominate subject in the coming years. In conjunction with our efforts at our headquarters in Wendlingen and Neidlingen, for example, we inspect all new construction projects, to see if we can utilize renewable energy. Our involvement is in no way some kind of smoke screen or just a reaction to pressure from the public or media, but the result of a long term responsibility taken seriously from our shareholders.

To close, here is the definition of Festool’s company value “Responsibility”:

“It means, everything that we do, we can account for. This applies to our colleges and our employees as well as to our customers, suppliers and owners and also to our environment and society.”

Our Environmental Vision


For an on-going improvement of our environmental activities, we have introduced an environmental management system according to the following criteria laid out by Festool:

Environmentally responsible behavior is an essential part of our philosophy and we continually recognize that this contributes strongly to our long-term company success.

Our three company values; benefit-orientation, responsibility and innovation apply furthermore in relation to our environment:

ecology and the economy remain within a reasonable balance with another.

it also means that we abide by the law and take full responsibility for our products and activities.

means for us additionally, a continuous improvement of our products and activities using environmental measures. Our vision is to determine and to improve the ecological efficiency of our products and processes as well as to achieve a “waste-free production” by closing the recovered substance cycle.

We realize that environmentally responsible behavior can be only achieved and improved, if all employees including the management participate actively. To promote this behavior is one of the most important management tasks at Festool. Additionally, our corporate processes are firmly bound to 10 strategic columns and by means of the following content of the strategic columns; the importance of the protection of the environment is positively influenced:

  • Robust, reliable products with a long life cycle. A long life cycle means less environmental impact resulting in less need for raw materials and less waste.
  • Internationally excellent after sales service providing spare part warranties which last many years: Repairing instead of disposing preserves natural resources as well.
  • Development of products with unprecedented features, like e.g. outstanding dust extraction – this reduces harm to people and the environment.
  • A management and employee team, in which appreciation and confidence play an important role as well as providing a positive work climate. This type of climate promotes a healthy working environment.
  • Optimal information flow – provides for transparency in all topics including those regarding the environment.

The most important contribution – our product

Ecology and economy have more in common at Festool than just a syllable. Festool takes on the responsibility for the environment in all respects. Our most important contribution to sustain our environment is the quality of our products. Longevity, quality, and positive ecological characteristics such as recyclability and biodegradability make our products stand out.


The long life cycle of Festool tools conserves resources

The outstanding life cycle, the low wear and tear and the ability to repair our equipment are the best environmental protection. This naturally leads to a reduction of the amount of raw materials needed for production.

The Systainer saves on packing materials

In an effort to keep the landfills from overflowing into the heavens, virtually all devices from Festool are delivered in an environmentally friendly Systainer.
If a repair is needed, the tools are packed simply in the Systainer (which is approved by the German Post) and we have our logistical partner pick them up at your location. This saves you the time consuming task of packing up the device and the environment a great deal of unneeded trash in the form of packing material.

Environmentally responsible recycling for older machines

Our older equipment is recycled by using the most modern means available. When Festool devices have reached the end of their life cycle, they can be returned free of charge to the specialized dealer, the next public collection point or directly to us.

More information about our environmental commitments:

Internal commitments and external activities pfeil
Environmental and quality management pfeil



Festool GmbH is a member of the European Power Tool Association and the VDMA (Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e.V.).

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