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Overview of Festool Industries

You are searching for an electrical power tool for your industry or your application to be done?
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Festool Woodworking area

Sawing, routing, drilling: in any woodworking task which requires absolute precision Festool tools will give you superlative results. That is why professionals have for decades put their trust in proven quality
and versatility of our machines.

Festool tools
for Woodworking
Festool Painter area

Anyone who prizes top quality surfaces on wood, metal, solid surface or other materials is faced with difficult choice: between all the highly engineered Festool sanders and polishers. Because a perfect substarte mess less annoying re-finishing work later.

Festool tools
for Painter
automotive systems

From preparation to finishing: Festool is one of the most innovative companies in the automotive marketplace. Our customers know that and value the advantages of receiving all tools, sanding and polishing equipment from a single source.

Festool tools
for Automotive