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Trimming saw PRECISIO CS 50

CS 50 EB

Items Included
  • HW universal saw blade W32
  • angle stop
  • foldaway legs
  • 3 x splinterguard
  • dust extraction set
  • workpiece holder
  • operation tool
  • in carton
Festool Trimming saw PRECISIO CS 50 CS 50 EB 561180

Full power perfectly under control.

  • Tool-less FastFix saw blade changes
  • Multifunction handle: one handle with all functions integrated
  • Change quickly from rip to cross cuts with the angle stop
  • Moving splinterguard for splinter-free cuts on both sides
  • Surrounding V groove for locating angle stops
  • Can be upgraded to a sawing station by adding an extensive range of accessories
  • Saw blade holder (accessory): saw blades and splinterguard always within easy reach

    Main areas of use

    • Draw the saw blade for quick, precise cross cuts up to 300 mm wide
    • Cross cuts up to 200 mm wide at 45°
    • Rip cuts up to a depth of 52 mm
    • Tilting saw blade for angled cuts between -2° and 47°
    • Retractable spacer wedge for hidden cuts - removal not necessary
    MMC digital electronics FastFix Splinter guard Groove in saw table Quick-acting brake

    Brochures / Operating instructions

    Noise and vibration values can be found in the above manual.

    Technical data

    Max. cutting height mm
    Power consumption 1200 W
    Idle engine speed 1600 – 4200 min⁻¹

    System accessories Trimming saw PRECISIO CS 50

    Trimming attachment
    Foldaway legs
    Extension table

    Consumable products Trimming saw PRECISIO CS 50

    Angle stop
    Universal saw blade
    Fine tooth saw blade
    Roller stand
    Special saw blade
    Panther saw blade