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Triangle sander DELTEX DX 93

DX 93 E



Items Included
  • StickFix sanding pad 93 V (soft)
  • StickFix slat sanding pad
  • plate
  • in carton
Festool Triangle sander DELTEX DX 93 DX 93 E 567722

Powerful corner sander.

  • Durable – hard-wearing bevel gears with above-average rate of material removal and bearings in a dustproof enclosure
  • Extended-length pad with correct sanding pad
  • Bevel gears guarantee an excellent material removal rate and maximum economic efficiency when used in corners or on small surfaces
  • Significant time savings thanks to quick rotation and replacement of sanding pads and abrasives using the intelligent StickFix system

    Main areas of use

    • Sanding corners
    • Sanding louvres
    • Working on awkward areas
    • Sanding off varnish and paint in corners
    • Sanding with one hand, vertically and overhead
    • with snap stud
    CLEANTEC Electronic MPE sanding pad StickFix STF Antistatic function

    Brochures / Operating instructions

    Noise and vibration values can be found in the above manual.

    Technical data

    Power consumption 150 W
    Idle engine speed 5000 - 9500 min⁻¹
    No. of strokes 10000 - 19000 min⁻¹

    System accessories Triangle sander DELTEX DX 93

    Sanding pad StickFix, soft
    Sanding pad StickFix, hard
    Slat sanding pad
    Conversion kit DX93E

    Consumable products Triangle sander DELTEX DX 93

    Order number: 567722