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Triangle sander DELTEX DX 93

DX 93 E

Items Included
  • StickFix sanding pad 93 V (soft)
  • StickFix slat sanding pad
  • plate
  • in carton
Festool Triangle sander DELTEX DX 93 DX 93 E 567722

Powerful corner sander.

  • Bevel gears guarantee an excellent material removal rate and maximum economic efficiency when used in corners or on small surfaces
  • Significant time savings thanks to quick rotation and replacement of sanding pads and abrasives using the intelligent StickFix system
  • Extended-length pad with correct sanding pad

    Main areas of use

    • Sanding corners
    • Sanding louvres
    • Working on awkward areas
    • Sanding off varnish and paint in corners
    • Sanding with one hand, vertically and overhead
    • with snap stud

    Brochures / Operating instructions

    Noise and vibration values can be found in the above manual.

    Technical data

    connection Ø d/e 27 mm
    Power consumption 150 W
    Idle engine speed 5000-9500 min⁻¹

    System accessories Triangle sander DELTEX DX 93

    Sanding pad StickFix, soft
    Sanding pad StickFix, hard
    Conversion kit DX93E
    Slat sanding pad

    Consumable products Triangle sander DELTEX DX 93

    Sanding vlies
    Order number: 567722