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Router OF 1400

OF 1400 EBQ-Plus

Items Included
  • Ø 8 mm clamping collet
  • Ø 12 mm clamping collet
  • side stop with fine setting
  • copying ring Ø 30 mm
  • extraction hood, top
  • chip deflector
  • operation tool
Festool Router OF 1400 OF 1400 EBQ-Plus 574341

Power and ease of operation in perfect harmony.

  • Pure precision: rigid base plate due to guide columns on both sides
  • Short set-up times: Rocker and ratchet principle for convenient cutter changes
  • Routing depth adjustment to 1/10 mm
  • Quick-acting brake and MMC electronics
  • Tool-less copying ring changes
  • Up to 99 % dust extraction when routing with chip deflector and dust extraction hood

    Main areas of use

    • Rounding, chamfering, rebating and profiling edges
    • Routing circles and cut-outs with the multi-routing template
    • Grooving rear panels or recessing dovetail batons with the guide system
    • Routing with the routing aid to fit Schallex, draft excluders or espagnolettes
    • Routing mineral material (max. cutter Ø 45 mm)
    CLEANTEC MMC Multi Material Control electronics FastFix Guide system Plug it Quick-acting brake

    Brochures / Operating instructions

    Noise and vibration values can be found in the above manual.

    Technical data

    Power consumption 1400 W
    Idle engine speed 10000 - 22500 min⁻¹
    Collet dia. 6 - 12.7 mm

    System accessories Router OF 1400

    Guide rail
    Copying ring
    Base runner
    Dust extraction attachment
    Guide rail adapter
    Routing template

    Consumable products Router OF 1400

    Router bit box
    Chamfer ogee cutter HW shank 8 mm
    Ogee cutter with TC shank 12 mm
    Ogee cutter with TC shank 12 mm
    Ogee cutter with TC shank 12 mm
    Classic ogee cutter HW shank 8 mm