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Mobile dust extractor CLEANTEC CTL 26 AC


Items Included
  • High-performance main filter
  • SELFCLEAN filter bag
  • disposal bag
  • suction hose Ø 27 mm x 3,5 m-AS
  • hose holder
  • Sys-Dock with T-LOC function
  • cable holder
  • in carton
Festool Mobile dust extractor CLEANTEC CTL 26 AC CTL 26 E AC 584017

The AUTOCLEAN version with 26 litre container volume.

  • AUTOCLEAN automatic main filter cleaning system with infinitely adjustable cleaning intervals
  • ComfortClean closing slide (accessory) for even more powerful cleaning
  • Constantly high suction because of the compact high performance turbine
  • Antistatic function prevents static developing during work
  • Approved for dust category L
  • Attachment of Systainers via Sys-Dock
  • Hose garage and cable windup for greater tidiness and safety
  • Economical because of the optimal use of the available volume with a SELFCLEAN filter bag in the container

    Main areas of use

    • For dust with limit values > 1 mg/m³
    • Flexible and clean in the workshop and on-site thanks to compact design
    • Integral automatic electronic switch-on/shut-off for extraction from electric power tools
    • Suitable for both wet and dry extraction
    • container/filter bag capacity 26/24 l
    • with AUTOCLEAN function
    • approval for dust class L
    AUTOCLEAN CLEANTEC Electronic FlowDetect Antistatic function

    Brochures / Operating instructions

    Noise and vibration values can be found in the above manual.

    Technical data

    Max. volume flow 3900 l/min
    Max. vacuum 24000 Pa
    Filter surface area 6318 cm²

    System accessories Mobile dust extractor CLEANTEC CTL 26 AC

    Hand tube
    Extension pipe
    Suction hose D 36
    Suction hose D 50 antistatic
    Suction hose D 27
    Suction hose D 50

    Consumable products Mobile dust extractor CLEANTEC CTL 26 AC

    Main filter
    Wet filter
    SELFCLEAN filter bag
    Longlife filter bag
    Disposable bag