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Guide rail FS 2424/2-LR 32

Item number 491622

Impeccable guidance.

Invented and perfected by Festool: The guide rail. For making cuts and grooves with impressive precision. With slideway lining for guaranteed machine smoothness, a groove for screw and lever clamps and splinter guard for splinter-free sawing. Making breakthroughs in precision and convenience since 1964. The guide rail with hole spacing is indispensable when it comes to furniture assembly – available in 1400 or 2424 mm. No other solution creates series of holes with a router so quickly and easily. Whether it's for rack systems or fittings, it couldn't be easier.

  • with row of holes

Product highlights

  • Achieve ideal results more quickly:

    For precise series of holes with 32 mm spacing, accurate cuts with a saw and grooves with the router.

  • Convenient and safe:

    Precise and safe in combination with combination bevel, slideway lining, kickback stop or splinter guard.

  • Systems get it done:

    The ideal supplement to the guide rail: The MFT multifunction table – versatile in the workshop and on the job.

Product details

  • Runs as if lubricated

    The slideway lining ensures that the machine runs along the guide rail.

  • Create series of holes quickly

    The router is simply aligned with the series of holes in the 32 mm template using the hole adapter.

  • Safe limit

    The kickback stop serves as a limit stop or secures the circular saws against kickbacks when inserting in the tool.

  • Precise angles

    By using the combination bevel along with the guide rail, angles can be directly and easily marked on a workpiece – without a great deal of calculation and effort.

  • Exact grooves

    Using the router with the stop allows you to produce precise, straight grooves. Place directly on the guide rail and start routing.

  • Zero-play guidance

    The guidance jaws of the circular saws can be adjusted to fit the guide rail without tools. This allows the machine to be guided without play and produces exact cuts.

  • A firm hold

    The adhesive cushion strips keep the rail secure while simultaneously protecting the surface. Clamps, FS-Rapid quick-action clamps and the GECKO dual suction pad are also available for a more secure grip.

  • No splinters

    The rubber lip right at the scribe mark works as a splinter guard and prevents the edges from splintering even with angled cuts.

  • Connect comfortably

    Two guide rails can be conveniently connected and aligned using the connecting piece.

  • No getting caught

    The deflector prevents the suction hose and cable from getting caught up on the end of the guide rail.

Main applications

  • For preparing holes series with 32 mm spacing with hole series accessories
  • Safe, perfectly straight power tool guidance
  • Splinterguard for splinter-free sawing
  • Can be properly positioned even on smooth materials because of the backing layer for gripping
  • Additional groove for use with accessories permits additional applications

Technical data

2 424 mm

Items included FS 2424/2-LR 32


Guide rail


  • Adhesive cushion strip FS-HU 10M

    Item number: 485724

  • Fastening clamp FSZ 300

    for FS/2, MFT

    Item number: 489571

  • Combination bevel FS-KS

    for FS/2

    Item number: 491588

  • Dual suction pad GECKO DOSH

    Item number: 492617

  • Connecting piece FSV

    Item number: 482107

  • Deflector FS-AW

    Item number: 489022

  • Quick-action clamp FS-RAPID/R

    Item number: 489790

  • Guide rail adapter FS-OF 1400

    for OF 1400

    Item number: 492601

  • Guide rail adapter FS-PS/PSB 300

    for PS 200, PS 300, PSB 300, PS 2

    Item number: 490031

  • Bag FS-BAG

    Item number: 466357

  • Lever clamp FS-HZ 160

    for FS/2, MFT

    Item number: 491594

  • Kickback stop FS-RSP

    for TS 55, TS 55 R, TSC 55, TS 75, HKC 55, HK 55, ATF 55, AP 55, AT 65, AP 65, AP 85

    Item number: 491582

  • Adhesive cushion strip FS-HU 10M

    Item number: 485724

  • Slideway lining FS-GB 10M

    Item number: 491741

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