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  • Reversible blade HM-WP 50x5,5x1,1 (4x)

    Item number: 491389

  • Ball bearing guide D19

    Item number: 493055

  • Ball bearing guide D22/11°

    Item number: 493056

  • Ball bearing guide D18,5/15°

    Item number: 493057

  • Ball bearing guide D16

    Item number: 493062

  • Ball bearing guide D28

    Item number: 493063

  • Ball bearing guide D21-15,88 (2x)

    Item number: 491408

  • Spiral groove cutter HW D12/27 ss S12

    Item number: 492654

  • Groove cutter with reversible blades HW S12 D14/45 WM

    for OF 1400, OF 2200

    Item number: 491110

  • Roughing and finishing router bit HW Spi D12/42 LD ss S12

    Item number: 492656

  • Edge-trimming cutter with reversible blades HW S12 D21/30WM

    Item number: 491120

  • Plane cutter HW D 52/R1ss S12

    Item number: 492701