• Der ETS EC 150 von Festool im Einsatz.

    Precision down to the final flourish


    Solid wood carvings and other ornaments are the hallmarks of this traditional furniture style, which originates from the Polish city of Gdańsk. Centuries of tradition and manual dexterity are reflected in the handmade wooden objects. We visited the MebS furniture joinery and watched the experts at work.

  • Back to the roots


    The British company Lignum Surfboards has taken surfboard production back to its roots, championing the use of wood in its products as opposed to polyurethane foam. In their workshop, Alen van Rooyen and Harry Robinson craft hand-made boards of first-class quality. Their recipe for success? Pure passion, expert craftsmanship – and power tools from Festool.

    Der ETS EC 150 von Festool im Einsatz.
  • Versuchsleiter Gerhard Grebing von Festool im Interview.

    Starting over

    One long-reach sander, one fault, one solution: Festool's service workshop. A somewhat unusual type of field report.

  • Passion with punishing standards

    Festool employees love their products. In the testing department, they must make the machines toil to breaking point with the same passion. This is all done for the benefit of the products, and in particular the customers, explains Gerhard Grebing, head of testing, in an interview.

    Versuchsleiter Gerhard Grebing von Festool im Interview.
  • Der ETS EC 150 von Festool im Einsatz.

    True Believers


    It doesn’t matter whether you’re working with matt or glossy paints, water-based or solvent-based paints. It’s what lies beneath that really matters. Getting the surface preparation right is everything. The experts at Caparol and Festool are convinced of it.

  • More than just Oranje


    The Dutch national flag flies above the Het Loo Palace. The palace at Apeldoorn is one of the largest in the country. Employees from the company Wolters have been working here for five years. For the two brothers Hans and Gert-Jan Wolters, this has been, and still is, a passion project – but it has long since not been the only one, which became clear when we paid them a visit.

    Der Exzenterschleifer ETS EC 150 mit einem Absaugmobil von Festool im Einsatz.
  • Die Kantenfräse OFK 500 Q R3 von Festool im Einsatz.

    At home with makers


    Hafven in Hanover is a fertile breeding ground for creative makers and all those aspiring to be just that. The co-working and makerspace recently celebrated its first birthday – with a table football set. Self-built, of course.

  • One man and his rocking chair


    For years, Michael Möllmann had been dreaming of a rocking chair like the one owned by US President John F. Kennedy. Together with joiner Karsten Schillings, this dream was to become a reality. The professional and the layman worked together as a team to complete the project. An indispensable helper for this ambitious undertaking: The DOMINO DF 500 and DF 700 joining machines from Festool.

    Tischler Karsten Shillings im Einsatz mit der Domino Dübelfräse von Festool.
  • Ein Maler des Europa-Parks im Einsatz mit einem der Akkuschleifer Modelle von Festool.

    Around Europe in seven hours


    If there is such a thing as a dream job, the painters working at Europa-Park in Rust near Freiburg have found it: The 25-person team looks after Germany's largest theme park five days a week, the whole year round.An incredibly varied and colourful job – but also hard work. We accompanied the painter team for a day and took a seven-hour trip through "Europe" – with the new cordless sanders from Festool joining us for the ride.

  • Perfection down to the last screw


    What do the German Bundestag, AIDA cruise ships and the University of Southampton have in common? It's perfectly simple: As soon as high-quality woodworking came into play in one of these projects, the timber construction company VHB got involved. We had the pleasure of joining the company based in Memmingen, a small town in southern Germany, during one of its current projects. In the starring role: The T 18 cordless drill from Festool.

    Der Akkuschrauber T 18 von Festool im Einsatz.
  • Produktdesigner Timo Kuhls von Festool mit der Planex Easy.

    Good is not good enough


    The Festool product design is evident at first glance. Even more crucial is the fact that the tools offer the craftsmen ideal ergonomic support. But how do you produce a product that impresses both with its unusual shape and supreme functionality? What role do the customers’ high expectations play? We asked product designer Timo Kuhls.

  • Full speed ahead


    Solid-wood houses are becoming ever more popular in Germany. This is not just due to their appealing architecture and the growing interest in wood as a natural and individual building material. The houses also take less time to build – provided the right carpenters with good tools are on the job. When building solid-wood houses, powerful cordless tools with high endurance, such as the DRC 18/4 cordless drill or the HKC 55 cordless circular saw, are not just an ace up your sleeve, but a requirement.

    Ein Zimmermann im Einsatz mit dem Akku-Bohrschrauber DRC 18/4 von Festool.
  • Ein Anwendungsexperte von Sto bearbeitet die Oberfläche.

    Perfect surfaces


    What makes a perfect surface? Or is a perfect result only possible in individual case? How can I control the finished result? We asked two qualified material and tool experts at Sto and Festool.

  • Masterful and professional


    In German-speaking countries, ‘MfG’ is the common abbreviation of a friendly greeting. In industry circles, it stands for Berlin-based firm of master painters master craftsmen in professional paintwork design. The company, owned by Dörthe Krüger-Mähl and René Mähl, is renowned for its very special painting work and design concepts.

    Ein Maler des Malerbertiebs MfG streicht die Wände in Weiß.
  • Ein Trockenbauer im Einsatz mit der Planex easy von Festool.

    Take it easy


    The demonstration of the new PLANEX easy at the Festool headquarters is planned well in advance. Patrick Hitzer from Product Management takes the device out of its carry case and demonstrates how something that is now common practice in consumer electronics also works perfectly with a tool manufacturer: ‘plug and play’. Hitzer reaches for the nearest power socket, presses the green button on the handle of the PLANEX easy – and off you go!

  • Best lighting conditions


    Not all light is the same. The new SYSLITE STL 450 makes bumps and lines visible that are invisible to the naked eye, even when there is sufficient daylight.

    Das Streiflicht Syslite STL 450 von Festool im Einsatz.