Environmental and quality management

Not only are Festool power tools thoroughly tested for quality, but also for everything that plays a role in their development.
This includes: Perfect processes and workflows in development, production, service, sales, logistics, marketing and all other business areas.

Environmental and quality management

Festool quality management certification

You can find our DIN ISO 9001 quality management system certificate here
DIN ISO 9001 certification

Why quality preserves the environment

Robust, reliable and high-quality products reduce environmental impact. The reason for this is the longer service life of Festool power tools. We also offer an excellent international after-sales service with a very long spare part guarantee. For the user, this means: Repair instead of replacement – and for the environment: Reduced impact. With a comprehensive selection of mobile dust extractors, Festool is promoting clean work that is largely dust-free. People and the environment alike benefit from this.

It illustrates one thing: Quality and the environment are closely related – a high quality standard is therefore an important basis for a positive environmental balance and, at the same time, helps to minimise our ecological footprint.