Oil dispenser

Applying the wood oil

Oil application in its cleanest form – with a Festool oil dispenser, you can quickly and cleanly apply wood oil to any surface. The handle's perfect ergonomics enables you to achieve excellent results in all application areas. Equally suitable for light and dark woods, the oil sponge ensures ecological surface protection with a maximum quality finish. Simply click the filled bottle into place and apply the solvent-free wood oil to the required wooden surface. In addition, the safety valve ensures simple dosing and effectively protects the oil from drying out.

  • Polishing
    SURFIX Heavy Duty oil dispenser 0.3l
    OS-Set HD 0,3 l
  • Polishing
    SURFIX One Step oil dispenser, 0.3l
    OS-Set OS 0,3 l
  • Polishing
    SURFIX Outdoor oil dispenser, 0.3l
    OS-Set OD 0,3 l
  • Polishing
    SURFIX SYS3-SET oil dispenser