Trimming saws

Trimming saw

Precise cross-cuts and rip cuts can be made without any difficulty using a trimming saw, whether for furniture construction, exhibition stand fitting or interior finishing. Thanks to their low weight and versatile functionality, Festool saws are perfect for various applications, including at assembly sites. The saw is compatible with a wide range of Festool saw blades, meaning that it can quickly and efficiently be adapted to the material. In addition, thanks to the extensive range of system accessories – including a sliding table, width extension table and length extension table – the trimming saws can be turned into a high-performance sawing station.

  • Sawing
    Trimming saw PRECISIO CS 50
    CS 50 EBG CS 50 EBG-FLR CS 50 EBG-Set
  • Sawing
    Trimming saw PRECISIO CS 70
    CS 70 EBG CS 70 EG CS 70 EBG-Set