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HK 132 E portable circular saw

HK 132 E

Items Included
  • HW standard saw blade W24
  • rip fence combined with guide plate extension
  • 10 m power cord
  • in a carton
Festool HK 132 E portable circular saw HK 132 E 769531

3-in-1. Saw, notch cutter, flattening planer.

  • Precise guidance via large base-plate
  • Trouble-free retraction control of the movable guard, particularly of benefit for mitre cutting
  • Optimum amount of force/control from the operator via rear pistol grip which is in the cutting plane
  • Accurate, fixed adjustment for mitre-cutting up to 60°
  • Drive spindle with triple bearings for high stability and long life
  • Multi-purpose electronics: soft starting, reduction of no-load speed, constant speed electronics, prevention of thermal destruction and protection against overload
  • Stable and exact guidance by means of the guide system: parallel fence, guide plate extension, parellel fence for guide rail

    Main applications

    • Chop, mitre, rip and jack-rafter cuts in wood and insulating materials up to 132 mm material thickness
    Electronic Starting Current Limiter Electronic overload protection Electronic monitoring of winding temperature Guide-rail system

    Technical data

    Power consumption 2300 W
    Cutting depth 0°/90° 50-132 mm
    Cutting depth at 45 degrees/60 degrees 85/50 mm

    System accessories HK 132 E portable circular saw

    Planing set
    Milling set
    Guide rail
    Angle stop
    Saw blade
    Reversible cutter blade