Edge routers

Edge router

The Festool edge router is a powerful professional tool which is intuitive to operate for the toughest demands. Edge routers produce perfect working results when flush trimming overhanging edges (both curved and straight) or projecting surfaces. Sophisticated details, such as the precise routing depth setting and the spindle stop for fast cutter replacement, significantly reduce the finishing work required and therefore also the costs incurred. Robust edge routers allow professional tradespeople to work quickly, safely and with maximum convenience. They are ideal for use in workshops or on construction sites.

  • Routing
    Edge router OFK 500
    OFK 500 Q R3 OFK 500 Q-Plus R3 OFK 500 Q-Plus R2
  • Routing
    Edge router OFK 700
    OFK 700 EQ-Plus
  • Routing
    Module edge router MFK 700
    MFK 700 EQ-Plus MFK 700 EQ-Set MFK 700 EQ/B-Plus