Our primary focuses related to purchasing
    Support global growth
    • Tapping into innovative and competitive technologies on the procurement market 
    • Tapping into global procurement markets
    Ensure competitiveness
    • Reduction of material costs
    • Delivery of quality parts to the appropriate specifications
    • Deliveries that exactly represent the specified delivery date and quality
    Cash flow optimization
    • Reduction of inventory of purchased parts
    • Improvement of payment and delivery conditions
    Achieve Sustainability
    • Environmentally friendly process and supply chains
    • Socially responsible suppliers
    Supplier Portal
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      Our supplier portal offers centralized access to different kind of information and applications of Festool to a selected number of suppliers Login
    • Supplier registration for potential suppliers

      Our mission is to meet the needs of our customers and to provide them with perfect quality products. Accordingly, the demands on our suppliers are high. We seek to build long-term and fair relationships with our suppliers, who are goal oriented as we are and have the same values: competitive prices, a consistently high quality level as well as reliability, flexibility and innovation. Register here
    • Guideline registration process

      Download guideline (PDF)

    Product groups (overview)

    Whether mechanical or electrical, whether large or small, we need the right parts for the ever changing demands. If you are proficient in one of the desired production technologies and can further promote our products, then apply to become a supplier for us.


    General Purchasing Conditions

    Supplier Portal

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