Festool visiting the heart of Tyrol

Lei Oans

Visiting the painters of Tirol

„Tirol isch lei oans,” (’Tyrol is unique’) as they say in the Tyrolean dialect. ’Lei oans’ means ’unique’. Michael Laiminger is from the Austrian state of Tyrol and he loves the uniqueness of his homeland. Yet for him, the reality is that he must work hard where others holiday. We visited him at his painting business in Radfeld.
Right in the heart of Tyrol, halfway between Kufstein and Innsbruck, lies the town of Radfeld. The Rofan main ridge runs to the north of the town, whilst on a clear day, the impressive peaks of the Zillertal Alps can be seen to the south. Today is one of those sunny days – even if the sun is still hiding behind the crest of the mountain so early in the morning. Besides, the satnav is demanding our full attention. ’You have reached your destination,’ announces the friendly voice as we arrive at the Laiminger painting company.

„My employees have become so familiar with the tools and the Festool system now that they don’t want anything else.“

Michael Laiminger - owner of the painter business Laiminger

Paintwork in Tyrol
Working with the Festool dust extractor
The Festool dust extractor
The Festool power tools at construction site