„It is very important to us that the batteries last a long time. Every time we have to change a battery it costs us valuable time, which adds up at the end of the day. That is why endurance is more important to us than just pure strength.“

Georg Rothärmel - VHB

On the home stretch

On the other side of the building, two installers are already impatiently waiting for the bay windows to arrive. "It's all about precision and speed for us," one of the VHB installers tells us while his colleague is already purposefully drilling in the first screws with the Festool T 18. The frames are screwed tightly onto the steel rails protruding from the outer wall. And just like that, the bay windows are one with the building. The same is done on the ceiling. The team works together as smoothly as a pit crew during a Formula 1 race: After just five minutes, the bay window is in the perfect position – and the next window is already on its way. By late afternoon, all bay windows are installed. We ask the team how their batteries are holding up. "The batteries are absolutely fine, but we did use the larger 5.2 Ah batteries today," one of the installers responds and jokes: "As for us, we are completely drained. Tomorrow we'll be back at it with full batteries."
Working with the Festool cordless drill