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Item number 574325

Joining machine DF 500 Q-Plus DOMINO

DF 500 Q-Plus DF 500 Q-Set

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Joining machine DOMINO DF 500
  • This machine

    Joining machine DF 500 Q-Plus

    cross stop 1x 

    DOMINO cutter D5 1x 

    open ended spanner, WAF 8 1x 

    trim stop 1x 



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    Joining machine DF 500 Q-Set

    cross stop 1x 

    DOMINO cutter D5 1x 

    open ended spanner, WAF 8 1x 

    trim stop 1x 



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More precise joints.

Oval shape, larger glued area, more stability. The DOMINO system unites the precision of a round dowel with the flexibility of a traditional flat dowel – the perfect solution for panel joints. The system consists of the DF 500 dowel jointer, DOMINOs in different sizes and a wide range of accessories for special applications. The result: extremely strong, invisible joints. And DOMINO can do much more: rack joints, frame joints, drawer joints, etc.

  • Varied use with dowel sizes from 4 x 20 mm to 10 x 50 mm
  • Patented routing principle unique to hand-held machines for accurate work with no kickbacks
  • Stops that are quick and easy to adjust, for accurate results
  • Ergonomic shape for ease of operation in any position
  • Rotation-proof joint with DOMINO dowels providing maximum stability
  • System accessories compatible with both DOMINO jointers

Product highlights

  • Achieve ideal results more quickly:

    Positioned in next to no time with the innovative stop cap system. The routing height and depth can be adjusted in seconds using the preselection slider.

  • Convenient and safe:

    Unique patented pendulum routing principle enables smooth, accurate work as well as holes without any scorch marks.

  • Systems get it done:

    DOMINO, cutter, dowel up to 10 x 50 mm, flexible adjustment options and compatible system accessories for virtually unlimited jointing possibilities..

Product details

  • A system that joins everything up

    The DOMINO DF 500 is particularly easy to handle and offers almost unlimited jointing possibilities. No matter whether it is panel or cabinet construction, for lightweight frame or rack joints – the DF 500 impresses with maximum precision, flexibility and simple handling.

  • Pendulum cutting principle

    Unique among manual machines and patented by Festool: The DOMINO DF 500 jointer routing motion. The simultaneous rotating and pendulum movement of the router allows smooth working and holes without scorch marks. Thanks to the pendulum motion, the routers do not overheat, leading to an extremely long tool life.

  • Long-hole principle

    Custom-fit alignment: The first DOMINO is positioned in a precision cut elongated hole, the next DOMINOs are inserted into wider elongated holes with play so that the joint can be aligned effortlessly. The result is a stable joint, protected against rotation from the first DOMINO.

  • Innovative stop system

    One of the main time-based advantages of working with the DOMINO DF 500 jointers arises from working without complicated measuring or marking – with the DOMINO DF 500, the fast and precise positioning is quite simple thanks to the stop catches.

  • Save time when using the same cutting depth over and over again

    For great flexibility and precision: You select your required routing depth using the detent lever lock. The options are 12 mm, 15 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm and 28 mm.

  • Maximum stability

    The special shape of the DOMINO in combination with expanding glue pockets and lateral longitudinal grooves gives the dowels a secure grip. You can use the Festool DOMINO DF 500 joining machine to process DOMINOs up to 10 x 50 mm in size. Also available as individually adjustable rods.

  • Works every time

    Precision mitre routing using presettings or infinitely variable routing angle adjustment.

  • Ideal for drawer joints

    Even thin workpieces from 12 mm can be easily connected – ideal for the sides of drawers.

  • For inside and out

    DOMINOs are available in two materials: Beech for interior applications and weatherproof, insect- and mould-resistant sipo DOMINOs for outdoor applications.

  • 100% rotation-proof

    Right from ,the first DOMINO the joints are completely secured against rotation – without aligning the workpieces.

  • Environmentally friendly

    All DOMINOs originate from sustainable forest management. The beech dowels are certified by the Pan European Forest Council (PEFC).

  • Working with extraction

    Larger quantities of chips are created when working with the DOMINO DF 500 jointers. To improve chip removal out of the routed hole during routing, as well as to protect your health, we recommend always working with a dust extraction system.

  • DOMINO system accessories

    Accurate joining of round and square timbers, as well as for repeat hole spacing too: Compatible as a system accessory for the DOMINO XL and DOMINO DF 500.

Main applications

  • Furniture manufacture
  • Shopfitting/Interior fitting
  • Window construction
  • Exhibition stand construction
  • For panel joins
  • For frame and rack joints

Performance features

  • Antistatic function

    Mobile dust extractors and tools with the antistatic function to prevent static charge from accumulating when working.


    Integrated bayonet fitting as the connecting element between the extractor and the tool.

  • Plug it

    Removable, replaceable mains cable with safety lock for quick conversion.

Technical data

Power consumption
420 W
Idle engine speed
25 500 min⁻¹
Depth stop for routing depth
12, 15, 20, 25, 28 mm
Max. routing depth
28.00 mm
DOMINO slot cutter dia.
4, 5, 6, 8, 10 mm
Routing height adjustment
5 - 30 mm
Mitre routing
0 - 90 °
Dust extraction connection dia.
27 mm
3.20 kg

Noise and vibration values

Routing: Uncertainty (vibration) K
1.50 m/s²
Routing: Uncertainty (noise) K
3.00 dB
Routing: Total vibration average, Ah
3.00 m/s²
Routing: A-weighted sound pressure level, LpA
84.00 dB(A)
Routing: A-weighted sound power level, LWA
95.00 dB(A)

Items included DF 500 Q-Plus


Joining machine

  • Accessories
    DOMINO router

    D 5-NL 20 HW-DF 500

  • Accessories
    Additional stop

    ZA-DF 500

Brochures and operating instructions


  • Trim stop LA-DF 500/700

    for DF 500 and DF 700

    Item number: 493487

  • Handrail fence RA DF 500/700

    for DF 500 and DF 700

    Item number: 494847

  • Additional stop ZA-DF 500

    for DF 500 and DF 700

    Item number: 495666

  • Cross stop QA-DF 500/700

    for DF 500 and DF 700

    Item number: 498590


    Item number: 498889

  • Drilling template BS-KV D15

    for DF 500

    Item number: 203164

  • Corner connection KV D8/50

    Item number: 203166

  • Corner connection KV-LR32 D8/50

    Item number: 203168

  • Centre panel connector MSV D8/25

    Item number: 203167

  • Centre panel connector MSV-LR32 D8/25

    Item number: 203169

  • Hinge location cutter KVB-HW D15 CE

    for DF 500

    Item number: 203165

  • Cover cap KV-AK D15 slr/50

    for DF 500

    Item number: 203172

  • Cover cap KV-AK D15 wht/50

    for DF 500

    Item number: 203173

  • Cover cap KV-AK D15 gr/50

    for DF 500

    Item number: 203174

  • Cover cap KV-AK D15 brn/50

    for DF 500

    Item number: 203171

  • DOMINO router D 4-NL 11 HW-DF 500

    for DF 500

    Item number: 495663

  • DOMINO router D 5-NL 20 HW-DF 500

    for DF 500

    Item number: 493490

  • DOMINO router D 6-NL 28 HW-DF 500

    for DF 500

    Item number: 493491

  • DOMINO, beech D 8x36/130 BU

    for DF 500

    Item number: 203175

  • DOMINO router D 8-NL 28 HW-DF 500

    for DF 500

    Item number: 493492

  • DOMINO router D 10-NL 28 HW-DF 500

    for DF 500

    Item number: 493493

Additional versions

  • DOMINO jointing system
    Joining machine DOMINO XL DF 700

    DF 700 EQ-Plus