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Surface control light STL 450-Set SYSLITE

Item number 202911
STL 450 STL 450-Set

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STL 450 inspection light
  • This machine

    Surface control light STL 450-Set
    Items included

    AD-ST DUO 200 adapter 1x 

    ST DUO 200 tripod 1x 

    Qty. in pack

    1.00 Pieces


    in carton

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    Surface control light STL 450
    Items included

    AD-ST DUO 200 adapter 1x 

    ST DUO 200 tripod 1x 

    Qty. in pack

    1.00 Pieces


    in bag

Detects faults before anyone else does.

Festool has developed truly unique optics for the new STL 450 grazing light. The powerful focus of the light cone enables you to identify any flaws and unevenness immediately. By checking the surfaces to be worked on in the early stages of the machining process, you can achieve an optimum working result.

  • Solution for checking putty/sanding results while still working
  • The optimum focus of light ensures all of the imperfections on the surface are immediately visible
  • Long-lasting and efficient LEDs
  • Variable height and angle with compatible tripod with adapter
  • 5 m long cable for a wide range of applications
  • Robust plastic housing, splash-proof and maintenance-free
  • grazing light in bag

Product highlights

  • Achieve ideal results more quickly:

    Check your end result during the work process itself, and thereby achieve the perfect surface.

  • Convenient and safe:

    Thanks to its robust plastic housing and long LED service life, the inspection light is optimally equipped for tough building site conditions and is maintenance-free.

  • Innovative down to the finest detail:

    The newly developed and unique Festool optics produce such a highly focused light cone that you can immediately detect any unevenness and flaws on the primed surface.

Product details

  • Unique Festool optics

    Festool has developed unique optics for its grazing light: The light cone has such a powerful focus that it enables you to detect any unevenness and flaws immediately.

  • Completely maintenance-free

    LED technology guarantees you completely maintenance-free and long-lasting use of the light.

  • Adjusts according to your needs

    Using the adapter, the height and inclination angle of the surface control light can be quickly adjusted according to your individual needs.

  • Ideal for building sites

    With its all-round edge protection and robust, splashproof plastic housing, the light is ideal for building site conditions.

  • Quick and simple packaging

    Thanks to the integrated cable lock, the light can be quickly and easily stowed in the carrying bag after use.

  • On and off switch

    If you do not need the light constantly, it can be adjusted as necessary using the on and off switch.

Main applications

  • Helps workers to detect flaws and unevenness in the surface that is to be worked on

Technical data

Lumen value 1st/2nd stage
1200/- lm
Light source
18 W
5000.00 K
Housing protection class
IP 55
Cable length
5.00 m
1.50 kg

Items included STL 450-Set


Surface control light

  • Accessories

    AD-ST DUO 200

  • Accessories

    ST DUO 200


  • Adapter AD-ST DUO 200

    for SYSLITE STL 450 inspection light

    Item number: 201936

  • Tripod ST DUO 200


    Item number: 200038

  • Bag ST-BAG

    for the ST DUO 200 tripod, STL 450 surface control light and AD-ST DUO 200 adapter

    Item number: 203639