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Item number 574557

One handed planer EHL 65 EQ-Plus

EHL 65 EQ-Plus

Set versions

Items included

  • parallel side fence
  • operation tool

Items included EHL 65 EQ-Plus

  • parallel side fence
  • operation tool

Modified slightly. Improved decisively.

Weighing just 2.4 kg and with a compact design, the EHL 65 electric planer is not only the lightest and lowest one-handed planer in its class, but also the most powerful. 4 mm planing and 23 mm rebate depth and excellent surface finish thanks to the unique spiral blade with pulling cut. With SoftGrip handle and cutting depth adjustment, single-button operation and non-slip ridges on the housing for a secure hold. This means that the planer can be guided effortlessly, whether it's horizontally or vertically, with one or two hands, with the left hand or right hand. In short: It's ergonomic. Fast. Precise. The one-handed planer for professionals.

  • Only 2.4 kg, compact height, soft grip on handle and chip depth adjustment, additional grips for better support
  • Quiet: The spiral blade reduces the noise level considerably
  • Maximum 4 mm planing depth and 23 mm rebate depth for more speed and flexibility
  • Variable chip depth adjustment and spiral blade for high surface quality in diverse application areas
  • Efficient dust extraction at the left/right side no clean-up needed
  • No interruptions – thanks to quick blade change with automatic adjustment the timely and complex task of adjusting the cutting diameter is dispensed with

Product highlights

  • Achieve ideal results more quickly:

    Noticeably finer planed surface without chatter marks thanks to the diagonally angled spiral blade and pulling cut.

  • Convenient and safe:

    Perfectly balanced working weight of just 2.4 kg and a resulting reduction in weight of up to 30%.

  • Systems get it done:

    With a compatible plug-it connection – simply connect it to use it with a number of other Festool system tools.

Product details

  • Unique results.

    The EHL 65 works with a pulling cut for a particularly accurate planing result. No chatter marks, no reworking. This is made possible by the spiral blade, which works at an incline and planes the wood in a way that is gentle on both the material and the tool.

  • Perfect handling.

    The planing width of 65 mm enables versatile use as an assembly plane. Weighing just 2.4 kg, it is extremely handy: Compact installation height, soft grip on the handle and cutting depth adjustment, additional grips for an even more secure hold. Further impressive details: Convenient single-button operation for switching on and off.

  • Quick blade changes.

    The blade replacement system with automatic adjustment function eliminates the need to adjust the cutting circle diameter. Practical: The blade replacement tool is attached directly to the machine.

  • Nothing quieter.

    The EHL 65 is significantly quieter than other planers. In fact, it is so quiet that it makes less noise under load than other planers do when idling. This is an important contribution to safety while working. Yet another benefit of the special shape of the spiral blade.

  • Versatile.

    23 mm rebate depth for a greater application spectrum.

  • Stepless cutting depth adjustment.

    The infinitely adjustable cutting depth is a valuable feature in practice. You can use the rotating handle to accurately adjust the cutting depth, while carrying out your work.

  • Flexible dust extraction.

    The extractor hose can be connected to the left or the right according to requirements. This means you can work with suction without impairing machine use in any situation.

  • Accurate chamfering.

    No slipping or running off course: The 90° V-groove in the planer foot makes the HL 65 electric planer feel like it is gliding along a rail when chamfering boards and beams.

  • For quick device changeover.

    Thanks to the plug-it system, the device can be changed quickly – directly via the cable and not via the socket or extractor: One cable for all devices. And even if the cable breaks, it can be replaced quickly without any problems.

  • Protects the workpiece and blade.

    The spring-loaded shoe keeps the blade away from the surface. The shoe folds inwards automatically when the machine is set down – even on narrow edges.

  • Orientation aid.

    The "rucksack" on the back of the plane picks up the exact width of the blade. The plane blade width is 65 mm, which is optimised for typical installation applications.

Main applications

  • Trimming work
  • Assembly work
  • Planing carcasses, trim, skirting, infill panels, doors, etc.
  • Applications where convenient one-handed operation is required

Performance features

  • Plug it

    Removable, replaceable mains cable with safety lock for quick conversion.

  • Electronic

    Speed control for adjusting to all types of materials.

  • Spir-O-Cut

    single-edged planer head offers crucial advantages: No need to adjust cutting circle diameter after blade replacement, and oblique shearing for high surface quality

  • Antistatic function

    Mobile dust extractors and tools with the antistatic function to prevent static charge from accumulating when working.

  • FastFix

    Makes changing routing, sawing, planing, sanding, drilling and screwdriving tools easier.

Technical data

Planer shaft speed
15600.00 min⁻¹
Planing depth
0 - 4 mm
Max. rebate depth
23.00 mm
Power consumption
720 W
2.40 kg
Planing width
65.00 mm
Dust extraction connection dia.
27 mm

Noise and vibration values

Planing: Uncertainty (noise) K
3.00 dB
Planing: Uncertainty (vibration) K
1.50 m/s²
Planing: A-weighted sound pressure level, LpA
77.00 dB(A)
Planing: A-weighted sound power level, LWA
88.00 dB(A)
Planing: Total vibration average, Ah
2.50 m/s²

Items included EHL 65 EQ-Plus


One handed planer

  • Accessories
    Parallel side fence


Brochures and operating instructions


  • Parallel side fence PA-EHL

    for EHL 65

    Item number: 488544

  • Rebate depth stop FA-EHL

    for EHL 65

    Item number: 488543

  • Chip collection bag SB-EHL

    for EHL 65

    Item number: 488566

  • Fastening clamp FSZ 120

    for FS/2, MFT

    Item number: 489570

  • Spiral blade HW 65

    for EHL 65

    Item number: 488503

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