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Item number 575455

Long-reach sander LHS-E 225/CTM36-Set PLANEX

LHS-E 225 EQ LHS-E 225/CTM36-Set

Set versions

Items included and different models

PLANEX easy LHS-E 225 long-reach sander
  • This machine

    Long-reach sander LHS-E 225/CTM36-Set

    CTM 36 E AC-LHS mobile dust extractor 1x 

    LHS-E 225-BAG carrying bag 1x 

    StickFix sanding pad LHS-E Ø 215 mm 1x 


    in carton

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  • Comparable product

    Long-reach sander LHS-E 225 EQ

    CTM 36 E AC-LHS mobile dust extractor 1x 

    LHS-E 225-BAG carrying bag 1x 

    StickFix sanding pad LHS-E Ø 215 mm 1x 


    in carton

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Drywalling has never been so easy.

Sanding during drywalling generates large volumes of sanding dust. It is therefore essential that you use a dust extractor suitable for this work. With the AutoClean special dust extractor, Festool offers the perfect dust extractor – featuring automatic main filter cleaning and a kink-free suction hose – for the new PLANEX easy long-reach sander. $ Because keeping the workplace clean is important, both to protect your health and to enable smooth working processes with precise results.

  • The extremely powerful PLANEX special extractor is more than capable of extracting large volumes of dust generated by the new PLANEX easy
  • The extractor supplies a consistently high suction power through the filter cleaning system: The filter pores are cleaned without interrupting your work
  • Simply sand for longer: The first long-reach sander from Festool which does not need to be assembled and set up
  • The even balance between control and advantageous weight distribution means that you can work for sustained periods
  • Sand the easy way: The low weight allows you to work conveniently
  • in the LHS-E 225-BAG carrying bag
  • approved for dust class M

Product highlights

  • Achieve ideal results more quickly:

    Maintenance-free, with integrated efficiency. The brushless, maintenance-free EC technology without a flexible shaft ensures a superior service life and smooth workflow.

  • Innovative down to the finest detail:

    Simply get started and achieve your goals. Unpack, switch on and get going. From the very first moment, its intuitive operating concept guarantees easy handling.

  • Convenient and safe:

    Optimum results in every position. Whether on ceilings or walls – this product makes sanding extremely simple in any position thanks to its low weight and highly flexible head section.

Product details

  • We take care of your success

    Festool boasts a long tradition of superior service as well as superior tools. Our 36-month cost protection guarantee means that your repairs and wear parts are free of charge.

  • Powerful duo. For quick, clean, healthy sanding

    The AutoClean special extractor is precisely designed to work with the PLANEX easy: The extractor features automatic filter cleaning, a robust, kink-free hose and a closing slide for more intensive main filter cleaning.

  • Everything is easier and lighter with a system

    Saving time also saves money. Tools and extractor systems are therefore optimally designed to work together. The mechanical locking between the suction hose and the machine provides completely reliable connection and extraction.

  • Unpack and get started straight away

    With just one switch, the new PLANEX easy can be put into operation immediately so that you can achieve results faster.

Main applications

  • Sanding walls and ceilings
  • Sanding plasterboard and dry wall filler
  • For removal of carpet residue, coats of paint, coverings, adhesives, loose plaster and other coatings

Performance features

  • EC-TEC motor

    The EC-TEC drive concept generates an extraordinary amount of power while consuming extremely low amounts of energy.

  • Antistatic function

    Mobile dust extractors and tools with the antistatic function to prevent static charge from accumulating when working.


    Integrated bayonet fitting as the connecting element between the extractor and the tool.

  • MMC Multi Material Control electronics

    “Multi Material Control” power electronics with constant adjustable speed and temperature monitor for work on all types of material.

  • MPE sanding pad

    Sanding pads and sanding discs made from extremely durable materials for long service life.

  • Plug it

    Removable, replaceable mains cable with safety lock for quick conversion.

  • StickFix STF

    Quick, economical fastening system for abrasives – no adhesives, no clamping.

Technical data

Power consumption
400 W
Idle engine speed
400 - 920 min⁻¹
Interchangeable sanding pad dia.
215.00 mm
Abrasive dia.
225.00 mm
1.60 m
Dust extraction connection dia.
36/27 mm
4.00 kg

Items included LHS-E 225/CTM36-Set


Long-reach sander

in carton
  • Accessories
    Sanding pad


  • Accessories

    LHS-E 225-BAG

  • Tool
    Mobile dust extractor

    CTM 36 E AC-LHS


  • Sanding pad ST-STF-D215/8-LHS-E

    for the PLANEX easy LHS-E 225 EQ long-reach sander

    Item number: 201895

  • Sanding pad ST-STF-D215/8-LHS 225-SW

    for PLANEX, PLANEX easy long-reach sanders

    Item number: 202546

  • Bag LHS-E 225-BAG

    for the PLANEX easy LHS-E 225 EQ long-reach sander

    Item number: 202477

  • Brush segment BS-LHS 225

    for long-reach sander PLANEX

    Item number: 495166

  • Brush strip BE-LHS 225

    for the PLANEX 225 EQ long-reach sander

    Item number: 495167

  • Carrying harness TG-LHS 225

    for the PLANEX 225 EQ and PLANEX LHS-E 225 easy long-reach sanders

    Item number: 496911

Additional versions

  • Sanding and brushing
    PLANEX easy LHS-E 225 long-reach sander

    LHS-E 225 EQ LHS-E 225/CTM36-Set
  • Sanding and brushing
    Long-reach sander PLANEX LHS 225

    LHS 225 EQ-Plus/IP LHS 225 EQ-Plus/SW