Sword saws

Sword saw

With its low weight, high motor power and universal application, a sword saw will meet the highest demands with respect to functionality and handling. Its cutting depth of up to 330 mm allows users to quickly and precisely trim or cut insulating material and material panels. Thanks to its powerful motor, perfect ergonomics and intuitive operation, a sword saw produces perfectly straight cuts and mitre cuts. In addition, this user-friendly Festool professional tool also makes everyday work easier with respect to maintenance: It is possible both to tension and to change the chain without using any tools at all.

  • Sawing
    Sword saw UNIVERS SSU 200
    SSU 200 EB-Plus SSU 200 EB-Plus-FS
  • Sawing
    Sword saw IS 330
    IS 330 EB IS 330 EB-FS