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Item number 570275

Bench-mounted router TF 2200-Set

TF 2200-Set

Set versions

Items included

  • router OF 2200 EB-Plus
  • basic unit with foldaway legs
  • module support
  • open ended spanner, WAF 24
  • in carton

Items included TF 2200-Set

  • router OF 2200 EB-Plus
  • basic unit with foldaway legs
  • module support
  • open ended spanner, WAF 24
  • in carton

The system bench-mounted router.

From mobile to stationary in an instant. The CMS module turns the routers into stationary bench-mounted routers for a wide range of applications. When it comes to series production, the bench-mounted router impresses with its minimal space requirements and powerful, precise performance. This makes routing work, such as rebates, roundings or radii, incredibly fast. The stability of the bench-mounted router makes it easier to feed and enables you to machine even large workpieces.

  • Dual extraction connector
  • Simple routing height adjustment with a crank handle
  • Arched routing hood for safe routing and optimised extraction
  • Router module can be replaced by further CMS modules

Product highlights

  • Achieve ideal results more quickly:

    Broad range of uses – stationary and mobile. The OF 2200 router can also be quickly removed for manual use.

  • Convenient and safe:

    Easy routing depth adjustment accurate to a tenth of a millimetre using the crank.

  • Systems get it done:

    Route cut-outs and circles with the multi-routing template or the routing aid.

Product details

  • Precise adjustment

    The crank can be used to set the routing depth precisely, quickly and without the need for recalculation – accurate to a tenth of a millimetre.

  • Quick-acting brake

    The quick stop brake ensures optimal safety when routing. The OF 2200 comes to a stop in seconds.

  • 80 mm stroke

    Because of the long 80 mm routing stroke, working with large routing depths and templates or making recesses for fittings is no longer a problem.

  • Efficient dust extraction

    Combined with the dust extraction attachment, the unique chip deflector creates the perfect working environment. Up to 99% of chips are extracted during edge routing.

  • Changes without using tools

    The copying ring, chip deflector and base runner are changed using FastFix: Simply unlock, replace, click in. Centring is automatic.

  • Locking and unlocking in an instant

    With just a single rotary knob, the guide rails of the parallel stop or other accessories can be locked or unlocked.

  • Fast cutter replacement

    The convenient spindle stop with rocker and ratchet principle allows you to change the router without removing the key.

  • Powerful torque

    The electronic motor control system converts the available 2200 watts into impressive torque. The armature shaft supported by three bearings guarantees routing with little vibration.

Main applications

  • Produce large radii and profiles
  • All kinds of routing work: routing rebates, recesses, curves and shapes
  • Routing shapes and curves at the ball bearing guide
  • Jointing work at the stop

Performance features

  • Antistatic function

    Mobile dust extractors and tools with the antistatic function to prevent static charge from accumulating when working.


    Integrated bayonet fitting as the connecting element between the extractor and the tool.

  • MMC Multi Material Control electronics

    “Multi Material Control” power electronics with constant adjustable speed and temperature monitor for work on all types of material.

  • FastFix

    Makes changing routing, sawing, planing, sanding, drilling and screwdriving tools easier.

  • Quick-acting brake

    For safe work when planing, sawing and routing.

  • Plug it

    Removable, replaceable mains cable with safety lock for quick conversion.

Technical data

Power consumption
2 200 W
Idle engine speed
10 000 - 22 000 min⁻¹
Max. cutter diameter
60.00 mm
Table dimensions
585 x 400 mm
Dimensions module support
578 x 320 mm
Table height, legs unfolded
900.00 mm
Table height, legs folded away
316.00 mm
Working height with legs
900.00 mm
Dust extraction connection dia.
27/36 mm
Basic unit weight
10.80 kg
Weight (set)
29.40 kg
Weight module support
10.10 kg
8.50 kg

Noise and vibration values

Routing: Uncertainty (vibration) K
1.50 m/s²
Routing: Uncertainty (noise) K
3.00 dB
Routing: Total vibration average, Ah
2.50 m/s²
Routing: A-weighted sound pressure level, LpA
87.00 dB(A)
Routing: A-weighted sound power level, LWA
98.00 dB(A)

Items included TF 2200-Set


Bench-mounted router

in carton
  • Tool

    OF 2200 EB-Plus

  • Tool
    Basic unit


  • Accessories
    Module mounting


Brochures and operating instructions


  • Stopper LA-CS 50/CMS

    for CS 50, CMS-GE

    Item number: 574796

  • Angle stop WA

    for CS 70, CS 50, CMS-GE

    Item number: 574797

  • Module mounting CMS-TS 75

    for TS 75

    Item number: 493360

  • Module mounting CMS-PS

    for PS 200, PS 300, PSB 300, PS 2, PS 1, CMS

    Item number: 561262

  • Module CMS-MOD-PS 300

    for PS 300, PSB 300, PS(C) 400/420, PSB(C) 400/420, PS 200, PS 1, PS 2

    Item number: 561263

  • Module CMS-MOD-BS 120

    Item number: 570244

  • Module mounting CMS-OF

    for OF 900, OF 1010, OF 1400, OF 2200

    Item number: 570251

  • Angle stop WA

    for CS 70, CS 50, CMS-GE

    Item number: 488451

  • Roller stand RB

    for all semi-stationary devices (CS/KS/CMS)

    Item number: 488711

  • Dust extraction set CS 70 AB

    for CT/CTM

    Item number: 488292

  • Adjustable stop WA-AR

    for CS 50, CS 70

    Item number: 491712

  • Sliding table ST

    for CS 50, CMS-GE

    Item number: 492100

  • Saw blade holder SGA

    for CS 50, CMS-GE

    Item number: 492228

  • Support AF

    for CS 50, CMS-GE

    Item number: 492242

  • Extension table VL

    for CS 50, CMS-GE

    Item number: 492092

  • Extension table VB-CMS

    for CMS-GE

    Item number: 493822

Additional versions

  • Semi-stationary work
    Bench saw TS 55 R

    CMS-TS 55 R Set
  • Semi-stationary work
    Bench-mounted router TF 1400

    TF 1400-Set
  • Semi-stationary work
    Bench-mounted router TF 2200

    TF 2200-Set
  • Semi-stationary work
    Bench saw module CMS TS 55 R

    CMS-MOD-TS 55 R
  • Semi-stationary work
    Bench saw module CMS TS 75

    CMS-MOD-TS 75
  • Semi-stationary work
    Belt sander module CMS BS 120

    CMS-MOD-BS 120
  • Semi-stationary work
    Jigsaw module CMS PS 300

    CMS-MOD-PS 300