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    Staircase drilling system GD D10-40 A Set

    for mains-operated drills and powerful cordless screwdrivers
    Item number 768098

    Items included

      • clamp
      • adapter for the staircase bits with the 9 mm Ø shank
      • gauge ring
      • insert for the angular frame
      • adapter plate
      • SW 8 and SW 10 open-end spanner
      • pin key SW3
      • staircase bits Ø 18-20-22-25-30 mm
      • 1 ejector rod
      • in SYSTAINER SYS 1 T-LOC


    • precise hole depth due to adjustable depth gauge
    • The drills are fitted and removed very quickly due to the bayonet lock function


    Main applications

    • Using the GDP D10-40 A, almost all fascia systems can be drilled
    • ZOBO staircase bit set with replaceable, long centring points
    • High precision due to the guide bush and precisely machined adapter; for guiding the staircase bits no guide sleeves are needed
    • Perpendicular holes can be easily and precisely checked using the inbuilt waterlevel: limiting edge of the staircase system squares up by use of an index line on the fascia of the staircase
    • Angle border is adjustable up by ± 65°
    • Cutting edges are without burrs, even in soft surfaces like particleboard

    Technical Data

    Technical data
    Drill bit dia.
    10 - 40 mm