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Item number 500869

Multifunction table MFT/3 Conturo-AP

MFT/3 Conturo-AP

Set versions

Items included

  • adapter plate AP-KA 65
  • cross brace QT-MFT/3
  • in carton

Items included MFT/3 Conturo-AP

  • adapter plate AP-KA 65
  • cross brace QT-MFT/3
  • in carton

1 table. 1000 possibilities.

  • For mounting the edge bander on a workbench
  • Sliding guides for guiding the workpiece safely
  • Allows the user to swivel the machine (0-47°) in the bench and position the workpiece horizontally during edging - for convenient and safe guidance, even with larger objects
  • table with perforated top and foldaway legs
  • for using the edge bander CONTURO KA 65 as a bench-mounted machine

Product details

  • The CONTURO as a stationary machine.

    To work with the CONTURO as a stationary unit, simply insert the machine in an adapter plate in the MFT 3 multifunction table or a bench you have built yourself. Not only can you affix edging to straight edges or curves, but also oblique edges with an angle between 90° - 45° because the CONTURO can be tilted 90° - 45° in the stationary unit.

  • Attaching edging to straight or shaped parts.

    This stationary working method is very practical for straight edges along small or narrow workpieces that are difficult to clamp. The edge is inserted in the usual way, the workpiece is then guided along the rail while even pressure is applied to the contact roller.

  • Attaching edging to mitre joints.

    For attaching edging to mitre joints, the CONTURO is simply tilted in the stationary unit to the desired angle (angles of 90° - 45° are possible). The guide rail adapter ensures that the edge is glued on straight and does not run off course. The rail can be set for edge thicknesses of 0.5 - 3 mm. The workpiece is then simply guided past the CONTURO and the edging is glued on.

  • Simple MFT 3 conversion.

    Any conventional Festool MFT 3 multifunction table can also be easily converted for stationary use of the edge bander. The standard perforated top on the MFT 3 can be easily replaced with the special LP-KA65 MFT/3 perforated top – the required M4 sleeves for screwing in the guide plates are included. The AP-KA 65 adapter plate is also required – 15 guide plates are included.

Main applications

  • For small batches, straight edges, free form elements and gluing inclined edges, angle from 0-47°

Technical data

29.00 kg
Table dimensions
1 157 x 773 mm
Work height
900.00 mm
Swivel-mounted edge bander
47.00 °

Items included MFT/3 Conturo-AP


Multifunction table

in carton
  • Accessories
    Adapter plate

    AP-KA 65

  • Accessories
    Cross brace

    MFT 3-QT

Brochures and operating instructions


  • SYS-MFT Fixing-Set SYS-MFT-FX-Set

    for MFT 3 and MW 1000 mobile workshop

    Item number: 201311

Additional versions

  • Workplace organisation
    Multifunction table MFT 3

    MFT/3 MFT/3 Basic MFT 3-VL
  • Workplace organisation
    multifunction table MFT KAPEX