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Item number 203929

plug it-cable H05 RN-F-4 PLANEX

H05 RN-F/4 3x UBS-PUR 360 plug it 240 V UBS-PUR 420 plug it 240 V H05 RN-F-4 H05 RN-F4/3 H05 RN-F-5,5 H05 RN-F-7,5 H05 RN-F-10 H05 RN-F-4 PLANEX H05 BQ-F-4 H05 BQ-F-7,5

Set versions

  • rubber insulated cable 240V plug it
  • particularly suitable for use with the PLANEX LHS 225 thanks to extended cable bushing, for example for sanding work in dry construction

Main applications

  • Extended cable bushing

Technical data

4.00 m

Items included H05 RN-F-4 PLANEX


plug it-cable

in self-service display pack