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Item number 497351

Underframe UG-KAPEX KS 120

for KS 120, KS 88

Items included UG-KAPEX KS 120

  • transport rollers
  • in carton

  • Convenient transport on building and installation sites
  • Simple folding in for transport
  • simple folding in for transport

Main applications

  • Facilitates and support KAPEX applications

Technical data

Work height
900.00 mm
10.10 kg

Items included UG-KAPEX KS 120



in carton


  • Trimming attachment KA-UG-KS 120-R/L

    for KS 120, KS 88

    Item number: 497514

  • Trimming attachment KA-UG-KS 120-R

    for KS 120, KS 88

    Item number: 497352

  • Trimming attachment KA-UG-KS 120-L

    for KS 120, KS 88

    Item number: 497353

  • Crown stop AB-KA-UG/2

    for KS 120, KS 88, KS 60

    Item number: 203356

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