Cordless drills

Cordless drill

Festool cordless drills operate quickly, accurately and safely. Using a high speed and powerful torque, you can drill or screwdrive into wood, stone and even metal. Controlled and precise work can be carried out without any difficulty, even in hard-to-reach areas because the integrated CENTROTEC system uses chucks which are around 50% smaller than those of comparable tools. Bits and attachments can be replaced without the need for tools. This means that the cordless drill has a particularly wide range of applications – from easy assembly work to demanding activities on construction sites. The addition of system accessories, such as an angle chuck attachment or depth stop, make the tools even more efficient.

  • Drilling and screwdriving
    Cordless drill DRC
    DRC 18/4-Basic DRC 18/4 5,2/4,0 I-Plus DRC 18/4 5,2/4,0 I-Set-SCA DRC 18/4 5,2/4,0 I-Plus-SCA
  • Drilling and screwdriving
    C 18 cordless drill
    C 18-Basic C 18 HPC 4,0 I-Plus C 18 HPC 4,0 I-Set C 18 C 3,1-Plus
  • Drilling and screwdriving
    Cordless drill T 18+3
    T 18+3-Basic T 18+3 HPC 4,0 I-Plus T 18+3 HPC 4,0 I-Set T 18+3 C 3,1-Plus
  • Drilling and screwdriving
    Cordless drill CXS
    CXS 2,6-Plus CXS 2,6-Set
  • Drilling and screwdriving
    Cordless drill TXS
    TXS 2,6-Plus TXS 2,6-Set
  • Drilling and screwdriving
    Li 18 cordless drill and pendulum jigsaw assembly set
    T 18+3/PSC 420 I-Set