Stirrers are an important tool on any construction site. Whether paints, mortar, tile adhesive, plaster, levelling compound or filler – with a professional tool, it is easy to reliably stir even viscous materials. The two-gear transmission with flexible speed adjustment and a robust, powerful electric motor makes it possible to optimally adjust the stirring speed to any material. Another benefit is that the flexible ErgoFix height adjustment on Festool stirrers enables ergonomic work that minimises stress on your back.

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  • Stirring
    Stirrers MX 1000
    MX 1000 E EF HS2 MX 1000 E EF HS3R
  • Stirring
    MX 1000/2 stirrers
    MX 1000/2 E EF HS2 MX 1000/2 E EF HS3R
  • Stirring
    Stirrers MX 1200
    MX 1200 E EF HS3R MX 1200 E EF HS2
  • Stirring
    MX 1200/2 stirrers
    MX 1200/2 E EF HS3R
  • Stirring
    MX 1600/2 stirrers
    MX 1600/2 E EF HS3R
  • Stirring
    DUO stirrers
    MX 1600/2 EQ DUO DOUBLE