Portable circular saws

Circular saw

Accurate cuts through solid wood or sheet material – a portable circular saw will allow you to master woodworking with ease and precision. The powerful motors mean that making swift progress while maintaining absolute precision is a piece of cake. The portable circular saw is ideal for undertaking work on boards, square timber, roofing boards and other workpieces. Just install the cordless battery and attach the extractor to the integrated extractor connector. That is all that is required for safe and dust-free work at all cutting depths. The professional portable circular saw has been developed for manual operation and, when used in the system with an extractor and guide rail, provides maximum simplicity in day-to-day work. Festool portable circular saws impress users with their intuitive operation, considerable durability and excellent results, whether on construction sites or in workshops.

  • Sawing
    HKC 55 cordless portable circular saw
    HKC 55 Li EB-Basic HKC 55 Li EB-Basic-FSK 420 HKC 55 Li 5,2 EBI-Plus-SCA HKC 55 Li 5,2 EBI-Set-SCA-FSK 420
  • Sawing
    HK 55 portable circular saw
    HK 55 EBQ-Plus HK 55 EBQ-Plus-FSK 420 HK 55 EBQ-Plus-FS
  • Sawing
    HK 85 portable circular saw
    HK 85 EB HK 85 EB-Plus HK 85 EB-Plus-FSK 420 HK 85 EB-Plus-FS
  • Sawing
    HK 132 E portable circular saw
    HK 132 E HK 132/NS-HK HK 132/RS-HK