Tools for timber construction and carpentry

Tools for timber construction and carpentry

It all begins with Festool professional tools. Whether for sawing, drilling, screwdriving, planing, mortising or cutting, Festool offers the ideal solution for almost any woodworking application, including roofing, staircases and façades. Robust, powerful and efficient machines – and with the edition of the 18-volt system, now available as cordless tools. They cope with all of the daily challenges that have to be dealt with in roof construction, roof refurbishment, timber construction, exterior construction or staircase construction.

Designed for you. Made for you.

Our tooling system for timber construction work

Building on tradition. For the future.

Always in a system.
We develop tools for professionals. We always have. We value quality and reliability. And innovative ideas. Details that make sawing, drilling and screwdriving applications for timber construction work even more efficient, whilst at the same time making your job easier through improved comfort and ease of use. For example, we supply both cordless and cable variants, as well as professional accessories and mobile dust extractors designed for the specific requirements of timber applications, and all of our products are compatible with each other, creating an integrated system for timber construction work.

Working together in perfect synergy

The Festool carpentry system.

Roof construction
Efficiency, individual manufacture, prefabrication in the workshop, adjustments in situ, setting beams, wooden joints, tenon holes, precision cutting, accurate routing. Powerful, multifunctional tools.

To KAPEX KS 120 sliding compound mitre saw
To DR 20 QUADRILL drill
To DOMINO jointer XL DF 700

Timber construction
Perfectly prepared, work independent of a power supply, even in poor light, tight corners, windows and door thresholds, install beams, connect timber components, 8 x 300 mm screws. Robust, reliable tools with high durability and output quantity.

Roof refurbishment
Be mobile, work free of dust with maximum precision, over rafter insulation, wood fibre insulation boards, ecological materials, clean working environment, omission of thermal bridges, cut materials to size with precision. Lightweight yet powerful tools. Mobile dust extractors as an integral component.

Exterior construction
The exterior of the house is a showpiece for your work, aluminium composite, melamine resin, fibre cement, formwork, adaptation to reveals, cleanly machined corner joins, fittings, tools for immaculate, high-quality results. Get creative!

Staircase construction
Be innovative and design specialist staircases, including a wooden staircase, stringer staircase and newel staircase. Cut materials roughly to size, cut step treads, drill slots for balustrades, perfect surface quality, tools and accessories integrated in a system.