Cordless drywall screwdrivers

Drywall screwdriver

A powerful drywall screwdriver carries out quick and precise screwdriving in dry mortarless construction and interior finishing work in a particularly easy and smooth manner. Thanks to their compact design, intuitive operation, considerable screwdriving power and low weight, Festool drywall screwdrivers are perfectly designed for use on construction sites. They can be used to unscrew plasterboard or wooden panels from various substructures in no time at all. In addition, models with a magazine attachment allow for a particularly high working speed with consistently high user comfort and perfect working results.

  • Drilling and screwdriving
    DWC 18-2500 cordless drywall screwdriver
    DWC 18-2500 Li-Basic DWC 18-2500 Li 3,1-Compact DWC 18-2500 Li 5,2-Plus
  • Drilling and screwdriving
    DWC 18-4500 cordless drywall screwdriver
    DWC 18-4500 Li-Basic DWC 18-4500 Li 3,1-Compact DWC 18-4500 Li 5,2-Plus