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Item number 769942

Cross cutting guide rail FSK 420

FSK 250 FSK 420 FSK 670

Set versions

Not just saws–compound mitre saws.

One click and you're done. The HK 55, HKC 55 and HK 85 Festool circular saws can easily be connected to the FSK cross cutting guide rails, which are available in three different lengths of 250 mm, 420 mm or 670 mm. In just a few steps, this produces a portable and easy-to-use compound mitre saw system for accurate and precisely angled cutting.

  • The HK 55, HKC 55 and HK 85 portable circular saws can be easily connected to the cross cutting guide rail to form a single unit, by means of a quick fastener
  • The compound mitre saw system makes work easier with fast, guided and precisely-angled cross cuts
  • Stop system for accurately repeated angled cuts
  • Retract function returns the saw to start position after sawing
  • Splinter guard for splinter-free cuts
  • Adhesive cushion strip protects the workpiece surface from being damaged
  • Slideway lining for easy movement of the machine on the trimming rails

Product highlights

  • Achieve ideal results more quickly:

    The mobile mitre-saw system consisting of cross cutting guide rail and circular saw makes work easier with quick, guided, accurately angled mitre cutting.

  • Convenient and safe:

    The retraction function brings the saw back to the starting position after sawing is complete and the stop system guarantees reproducible angle cuts.

  • Systems get it done:

    Connectable cross cutting guide rail with quick-release fastener as the ideal supplement to the HK 55, HKC 55 and HK 85 circular saws.

Product details

  • Runs as if lubricated.

    The slideway lining ensures that the machine runs along the cross cutting guide rail.

  • Automatic pull-back.

    The retraction function brings the saw back to the starting position after sawing is complete.

  • Reproducible.

    Stop system for precisely reproducible angle cuts.

  • Protection and adhesion.

    The adhesive cushion strips keep the rail secure while simultaneously protecting the surface.

  • Quick-acting closure.

    The circular saws can be connected to or disconnected from the cross cutting guide rail in an instant depending on whether you are sawing with guidance or freely by hand.

  • No splinters.

    The rubber lip right at the scribe mark works as a splinter guard and prevents the edges from splintering even with angle cuts.

Main applications

  • Ideal for cross cuts where a chopsaw is not ideal, such as scaffolding or roofs
  • Fast, guided, precise angle cuts for frame pieces, slats, boards and wall panels

Technical data

1.26 kg
Angular range
-60 – +60 °
Cutting length
420 mm

Items included FSK 420


Cross cutting guide rail

in carton


  • Adhesive cushion strip FS-HU 10M

    Item number: 485724

  • Slideway lining FS-GB 10M

    Item number: 491741

  • Splinter guard FS-SP 1400/T

    Item number: 495207

  • Splinter guard FS-SP 5000/T

    Item number: 495209