Electronic planer

Whether for smoothing wooden surfaces, chamfering, rebating or shortening – there is hardly any tool which is as versatile as the electronic planer. It forms a key part of the inventories of carpenters and joiners. The powerful Festool electronic planers allow users to remove material in a particularly uniform manner, while also providing perfect ergonomics. This is because the professional tools have been developed for manual operation and therefore reduce arm fatigue over extended periods of work. The precise adjustment of the spiral blade angle, the unlimited rebate depth and the continuously adjustable cutting depth produces an unmatched planing result with excellent surface quality. Ideal for workshops and construction sites.

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  • Planing
    EHL 65 EQ one-handed planer
    EHL 65 EQ-Plus
  • Planing
    Planer HL 850
    HL 850 EB-Plus