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Item number 500608

Multifunction table MFT/3 Basic

MFT/3 MFT/3 Basic MFT 3-VL

Set versions

Items included

  • table with perforated top and foldaway legs
  • in carton

Items included MFT/3 Basic

  • table with perforated top and foldaway legs
  • in carton

1 table. 1000 possibilities.

The multifunction table can be equipped with compatible accessories for every application: Everything is secured safely in place, from guide rails to combination bevels. The MFT/3 guide extension allows you to use all CMS modules for sawing, routing and sanding, while the sliding table enables cross-cuts with a maximum cutting width of 830 mm.

  • Safe sawing and precise routing thanks to the guide rail
  • Angle stop, stop slide and additional clamping device ensure exact results
  • Ergonomic work position thanks to the table height of 90 cm
  • Mobile use of the MFT 3 through space-saving foldaway legs
  • Compatibility with Compact Module System CMS
  • Festool V-groove permits the use of many accessory parts of the CMS modular system
  • Optional connection of the vacuum clamping system VAC SYS
  • Ideal connection to the Festool system

Product highlights

  • Achieve ideal results more quickly:

    Workpieces of any shape and size can be secured in place and machined more flexibly than on any workbench.

  • Convenient and safe:

    Working height of 90 cm to prevent back strain. Easy to fold away for space-saving transport.

  • Systems get it done:

    Can be combined in a number of ways with guide rail, combination bevel and with all CMS modules using the guide extension.

Product details

  • Always the right accessories

    Everything is secured safely in place, from guide rails to combination bevels. The MFT 3 extension allows the insertion of all CMS modules, while the sliding table enables cross-cuts with a maximum cutting width of 830 mm.

  • Maximum hold

    Whether large or small, angular or round, horizontal or vertical – difficult shapes are easy to clamp on the MFT 3 using clamps and perforated tops or a profile.

  • Precise results

    Workpieces can be positioned exactly at the angle stop. Pre-installed angle locking positions allow the required angle to be set quickly in addition to infinite selection. The adjustable stop makes precise repeat cuts possible. The additional clamping device, with which the stop ruler is secured to the V-groove, ensures precision.

  • Flexible and reliable with the VAC SYS

    The clamping solution of the future – VAC SYS. This product gives you the option of turning your workpieces by up to 360° and of swivelling them by up to 90° – all with just a single movement of your hand. The vacuum clamping system is easily connected to the MFT 3 using an adapter plate.

  • Use of the guide rail

    The guide rail support can be used to fold up the guide rail or to set the guide rail to different material thicknesses.

  • Optimum connection

    Using the V-groove, you can connect the CMS module system and accessories to the MFT 3. This means that you will have circular saws, jigsaws, routers and belt sanders available for your work. In short, the MFT 3 is transformed into a mobile and efficient work station.

  • Expandable work surface

    Connecting pieces allow several multifunction tables to be joined to one another at the side. The larger work surface will then allow you to clamp larger workpieces or several workpieces together at the same time, and then to process them.

  • Ergonomic and cost-effective work

    The working height of 90 cm makes ergonomic work which is also easy on the back possible, even for taller users. Furthermore, the MFT 3 can be folded up very easily and is thus ideal for use in the workshop as well as mobile on-site use.

Main applications

  • Safe clamping and securing of workpieces of the most widely varying shapes and sizes
  • Precise processing of workpieces, also through the connection to the Compact Module System CMS
  • Extended clamping and attachment options through the vacuum clamping system VAC SYS, which can be connected to the MFT 3 with adapters

Technical data

28.00 kg
Max. workpiece width
700.00 mm
Max. workpiece thickness
78.00 mm
Table dimensions
1 157 x 773 mm
Table height, legs folded away
180.00 mm
Table height, legs unfolded
900.00 mm
Load capacity
120.00 kg

Items included MFT/3 Basic


Multifunction table

in carton

Brochures and operating instructions


  • SYS-MFT Fixing-Set SYS-MFT-FX-Set

    for MFT 3 and MW 1000 mobile workshop

    Item number: 201311

  • Connecting piece VS

    Item number: 484455

  • Fixed clamps MFT-SP

    for MFT

    Item number: 488030

  • Fastening clamp FSZ 120

    for FS/2, MFT

    Item number: 489570

  • Fastening clamp FSZ 300

    for FS/2, MFT

    Item number: 489571

  • Guide rail FS 1080/2

    Item number: 491504

  • Lever clamp FS-HZ 160

    for FS/2, MFT

    Item number: 491594

  • Adapter VAC SYS AD MFT 3

    for VAC SYS SE 1, VAC SYS SE 2

    Item number: 494977

  • Cross brace MFT 3-QT

    Item number: 495502

  • Guide extension MFT 3-VL

    for the MFT 3

    Item number: 495510

  • Additional clamp MFT/3-ZK

    Item number: 495541

  • Adjustable stop MFT/3-AR

    Item number: 495542

Additional versions

  • Workplace organisation
    multifunction table MFT KAPEX

  • Workplace organisation
    Multifunction table MFT CONTURO

    MFT/3 Conturo-AP